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OH. MY. DEADLINES. Y’all. Getting book three to my editor was something else, but it’s safely with her, so…back to our regularly scheduled programming. Starting with an Author Spotlight. Today I’m featuring the lovely & talented…

To kick things off, lemme tell you a little about Jami!

Jami Albright is a born and raised Texas girl and is the multiple award-winning author of The Brides on the Run series—a fun, sexy, snarky, laugh-out-loud good time.

If you don’t snort with laughter, then she hasn’t done her job.

She is also a wife, mother, and an actress/comedian. She used to think she could sing until someone paid her to stop.

She took their money and kept on singing.

Jami loves her family, all things Outlander, and puppies make her stupid happy. She can be found on Sundays during football season watching her beloved Houston Texans and trying not to let them break her heart.
Jami loves to hear from readers.

Now, let’s get into what we’re all here for…

Her books!

So, first things first. Y’all. This book is LOL-pee-your-pants-funny. Like, no lie. Scarlett and Gavin will have you ROFL. Don’t believe me? Check out the blurb:

She’s a good-girl control freak. He’s a bad boy in need of a clean image. Will these opposites attract or self-destruct?

Scarlett Kelly is the poster child for responsible living. Growing up as the daughter of the town floozy, she’s made it her mission to be the exact opposite of her mother. So when she wakes up naked and hung over in bed with a bad-boy rock star, she bolts immediately. There’s just one problem: Scarlett’s bedmate is her new husband.

Gavin needs to repair his image or his music career will go down the tubes. He’s also just learned he has a son he never knew existed. He needs to settle down, and bribing his new wife to stay married may just fit everything into place.

Scarlett agrees to the ruse to help her family’s financial troubles even though she can hardly control herself around the rock star. As they search for Gavin’s son, will their unlikely matrimony give them exactly what they’ve been missing or send them packing?

Running From a Rock Star is the first book in a series of comedic contemporary romance novels. If you like zany characters, razor-sharp wit, and unlikely love stories, then you’ll love the first book in Jami Albright’s Brides On the Run series.

Buy Running From a Rock Star to laugh your way to love today!


You know when you read a really good book, and it’s the first time you’ve read an author, how you get nervous about the 2nd book? You worry maybe it won’t be as good, or as witty, or as well-written… WELL! Let me go on and assure y’all, Jami knocks it out of the damn park with Running with a Sweet Talker. Jack and Luanne are five stars all the way! Check out the blurb:

She’s a take-no-prisoners fireball. He’s a sweet-talking charmer. It could be love…if they don’t kill each other first.

Hotshot lawyer Luanne Price may not believe in happily ever after, but she’d do just about anything to earn her absentee father’s love. So when he waltzes back into her life with a plan for her to marry his business associate, she foolishly agrees. But on the wedding day, things go south. Fast. Luanne’s desperate to get away, even if that means hitching a cross-country ride with the infuriating Jack Avery.

Jack needs to get Luanne out of his system. He’ll watch her tie the knot and forget about her. Once she’s married to another man, then she’ll be off-limits forever. Solid plan. Until he spots her army-crawling through the bushes to escape the Wedding of the Season.

He knows he should let someone else deal with the runaway bride. But if there’s one thing Jack has never been able to do, it’s resist Luanne. Will their romance rev up on the open road, or will Jack and Luanne crash and burn?

Running With a Sweet Talker is the second book in a series of comedic contemporary romance novels. If you like zany characters, razor-sharp wit, and unlikely love stories, then you’ll love the second book in Jami Albright’s Brides on the Run series.

Buy Running With a Sweet Talker to laugh your way to love today!



So, I’m sure your TBR has grown by two books now. BUT! Be sure to follow Jami on social media so you can stay up to date with her happenings!


Jami loves to hear from her readers! You can reach her at



  1. Rachael Brooker

    Will there be anymore books in the southern roots collection?

    • Kate Farlow

      Hey Rachael! The Southern Roots series is complete as of now.

      HOWEVER! That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the last you’ll hear from those characters! 😉


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