So, I’ve been thinking.
I have this lovely blog… I should use it…
Then, there was the conundrum of well, what should I post?

Recipes! I’ll post my favorite recipes!

If you’ve read my books, you know I love-love-love me some food.

For my first ever Recipe of the Month, I am sharing with y’all a fav in my household.


This delicious, party in your mouth comes from Dinner then Dessert. It is saucy and cheesy and filling and so-freaking-yummy!

Seriously, YUM. Even better, it is reminiscent of tacos, which means even my pickiest little gobbles it down!

Sound like your kind of tasty-ness? Head over to Dinner then Dessert for the recipe.

Oh, and be sure to let me know if you loved it!


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