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I’ve seen Emmalyn a few times on campus now. She always looks so meek and mild and innocent. She’s convincing too, with her eyes always on the ground and her soft, stuttered words .

Hell, I was almost ready to call the whole thing off, my friendship with Rob be dammed.

Until I remembered it’s all a ruse; I know the kind of girl she really is.

Treacherous. Traitorous. A liar who had a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

I wavered for a split second when I saw her venturing out of the walking trail, with an unreadable expression on her face.

At first, I misread it as fear, but I quickly saw it for what it truly was—guilt.

The absolute unfettered guilt in her gaze when she saw me was all the confirmation I needed.

And when she ran? I shake my head at her idiocy.

Innocent people don’t run. Why would they when they have nothing to hide?

If she thinks running away somehow absolves her of her sins…

She’s wrong.



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