Crew Rules

1. Be nice, no one likes a bully.
2. No screenshotting, no name calling. See above.
3. If you have an issue with anything posted, do not report it. Please reach out to me or another admin and we will help resolve the issue.
4. Have FUN!

1. Please post bi-weekly; once from my backlist pool and once with the post of the week.
2. During release month, you may be asked to share 2-4 times, with 2-3 of those shares being new release related.
3. During release week, you may be asked to share daily. If you are unable to do so, it will not be held against you, as I understand we all have lives and many of you have other authors you love and wish to share about as well.

-On occasion exclusive content will be shared. It will always be dated; please only share on or after the date listed.