Coming Up Roses Bonus Scene


For the past week, the only thing I’ve been able to think about is getting Myla Rose all to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love our son, he completes me in a way I never even imagined. But his mama…she’s my entire world and I’m damn sure looking forward to spoiling her, both in and out of the bed.

And now, it’s finally time. Azalea’s upstairs helping Myla get ready and Drake should be here any minute—not that I’m counting down or anything.

Five minutes later, I hear his truck pulling up the long driveway. “Sup?” he calls in greeting as he lets himself in.

“Thanks for coming,” I tell him.

“You know I got you, even if you did ask Simon first.”

“Whatever. Got a surprise for you though.”

Drake quirks a brow. “Oh yeah? What?”

“You’ll see.” I head toward the front door. “I’m gonna go start my truck, warm it up. Make yourself comfortable.”

Two minutes later, I walk back inside to find Drake and Azalea going at it. “I’m sure you are,” Drake murmurs, his tone low and even, “but I think I’ll stay.”

My wife’s best friend looks like she’s about to explode. Time to intervene. “Oh, hey, Azalea. I didn’t know you’d be here.”

“Mmmhmm. Nice,” she sasses back making me chuckle.

Drake nudges her, trying to lighten the mood. “C’mon Azalea it’ll be fun to play house. Maybe we can even—”

“Nope!” she cuts him off, shutting him down.   

“Oh, good, you’re both here,” my wife says. I swear to God, time stops as she descends the stairs

“Good God, darlin’,” I rasp unable to look away from her. She’s a vision in crushed velvet. The dress hugs her ample curves and the deep green color makes her red hair pop.

She nibbles her lower lip and drops her eyes to the floor. I meet her at the last step. “Look at me,” I murmur, tracing my index finger down the line of her jaw.

Myla Rose lifts her gaze to mine. Her big brown eyes swim with a mixture of nerves and excitement, joy and uncertainty. “You look so goddamn beautiful. I swear to God, darlin’, I don’t know what I did good in this life, but one thing I’m certain of is you and Brody are my reward. I love you.”

She sniffles and looks up, trying to keep her tears at bay. “I love you too. I’m just a little…anxious.”

“I know you are, but B-Man is in good hands—sure, they might wanna kill each other but they’ll take good care of him.”

A small laugh slips past her quivering lips. “You’re right.”

“Usually am,” I wink.

“You two lovebirds ready for a big night out?” Drake asks, stepping into the entry hall from the kitchen.

“More than,” I reply, answering for both of us.

“AzzyJo, you coming?” Myla Rose hollers. Once Azalea joins us, she continues. “I left Brody’s schedule on the chalkboard in the kitchen, as well as our hotel room number just in case you need us.”

“But please don’t need us.” I wrap my arms around my wife’s slender shoulders and pull her into my side. “We’ll be back sometime tomorrow after lunch. You two…try not to kill each other, yeah?”

“Ha! Funny,” Azalea grouses. “Go on now, and have fun. We’ll be just fine, right, D?”

“More than fine,” my best friend replies, sending Azalea a look so full of longing he may as well be a stray dog begging for scraps.

I guide Myla Rose out to my truck and help her into the passenger seat before darting back into the house for our overnight bags. I smirk at the sight of Azalea picking up the already tidy living room—one of these days those two will figure their shit out, I hope.

After tossing our bags into the back of the cab, I throw the truck into gear and set off. “You excited, darlin’?”

She rubs her hands together, “I am. It’s weird leaving Brody, but I’m ready to have an entire night with you…uninterrupted.”

I run my lower lip between my teeth. “An entire night, huh?”

She nods.

“That’s real good because I plan on making use of every single moment we have together.”

She rubs her thighs together as she squirms in the seat. “You can love me ‘till the sun comes up Cash Carson, but first you gotta feed me.”

A deep laugh bellows out of me. “I wouldn’t dream of taking you to bed without dinner, darlin’. Just know—you’re my dessert.”



Somehow, dinner passes both in a flash and torturously slow. As it always does, our conversation flows, but there’s a tension thrumming in the space between us.

We both know what tonight is and while Cash is nearly crawling out of his dang skin with anticipation, I’m pretty much a wet kitten hiding in the corner.

It’s not that I’m not excited to spend time with my husband one-on-one, because I am. Truly. The thought of being able to lose myself in him, uninterrupted, sounds like a dream come true, because I’m ninety-nine percent positive our son was born with a built-in cockblock radar. Literally, almost every time things get heated between us—he wails.

Another thing holding me back is for the past six weeks, our alone time has been all about him—at my urging, mind you. Cash has tried to pleasure me, but…I’m petrified; my body feels completely foreign to me right now. My boobs are massive, my thighs jiggle, and my hips may as well have their own zip code. Cash says he loves my new curves, but what if he’s only saying that to make me feel better. Or worse—what if things down there aren’t the same? The thought of my postpartum body turning him off is almost enough to have me demanding we go back home to our son so I can delay this whole thing for another six weeks.

“What’s on your mind, darlin’?” Cash asks as we wait on the server to bring our check.

I shrug noncommittally, but my husband’s not buying it. He knows me better.

“C’mon now, tell me what’s bothering you.”

“Here y’all go. Thank you for dining with us tonight.” Internally, I fist pump; saved by the server.  

Once the bill is settled, we stand and head for the elevator, Cash’s worry long forgotten.

Or so I thought. The moment the metal doors close, he pounces. “I need you to tell me what’s wrong.” His voice is a low rasp as he steps toward me.

The small space leaves me no room to escape his advance. “Nothing.”

He backs me into the wall, boxing me in, his strong arms on either side of me with his palms splayed against the walls. “Darlin’.” He skims his nose along my jaw. “How can I fix something if I don’t know what needs fixing?”

Oh. My. Stars. This man.

“It’s just…” My words trail off as he peppers my neck with open-mouthed kisses.

“Just what?”

The doors slide open at our floor and Cash scoops me up into his arms bride-style. “To be continued.” His lips continue their sensual assault as he somehow expertly navigates us down the hall and into our room.

Inside, he sets me down at the foot of the bed and places a soft kiss on my lips. “Talk to me, darlin’. All night, you’ve been twiddling your fingers and nibbling your lips. Something’s got you bothered.”

My shoulders slump. “I’m-worried-you-won’t-like-my-body.” The words spill out of me in one breath.

My mumbled confession is met with silence, but at any moment I expect Cash to start spewing platitudes about how beautiful I am—inside and out. Instead, he steps away from me, out of my reach.

“Strip,” he orders and my thighs quiver. While he’s an incredibly generous lover, our sex life is all about the mutual give-and-take; he’s never been one to issue such commands. Not going to lie though, I kind of like it.

“What?” The single word comes out on a breathy whisper.

“You heard me, darlin’. Lose the dress and anything you’ve got under it too.”

I toe off my booties and kick them away before unzipping my dress with trembling hands. The velvety material pools at my feet. Nervously, I glance up at my husband; the twin flames of lust sparking in his eyes is enough to have my lacy bra and panties following, leaving me stark naked for his appraisal.

“Mmm,” he groans, dragging his eyes over every single inch of me. I drop my eyes to the floor, not wanting to see his reaction. Too bad Cash isn’t having any of that. With determined steps, he moves so we’re toe-to-toe before sinking down to his knees in front of me.

“Look at you,” he murmurs, ghosting his fingers over my ankles and up my calves. “You’re divine—a fucking goddess.”

“I’m fat.”

Cash tenses and his fingers tighten, gripping the spot just above my knees. “You’re perfect. These legs walked you into my life.” He presses the side of his face into my belly as he loosens his grip and slides his hands up my thighs, over my hips, and around to my ass. “This body gave me my son—our son. You created life. You nurtured him and grew him.”

“You created life Myla Rose, and to me, that’s beyond sexy. You’re beyond sexy.” He presses his lips to the skin just beneath my naval in a scorching open-mouthed kiss.

I thread my fingers into his hair as he kisses lower still. A moan slips past my lips as he nips at my hipbone. “I love those little sounds you make me,” he murmurs, dragging his index finger over the path he kissed, all the way to my aching center.

My heart races and my thighs quake as he massages the sensitive nub in agonizingly slow circles. “Cash,” I whisper his name, my voice overflowing with need.

“What is it darlin’?” He leans forward and teasingly swipes his tongue over my clit. “What do you need?”

“You,” I tell him, all of my previous worry long gone. I was foolish to think this man wouldn’t want me. He met me when I was pregnant and alone and wanted me still. He treats Brody as though he’s his own flesh and blood. He’s the very definition of integrity and respect and I know his love for me runs soul deep.

Cash hooks his arms between my legs and lays me back onto the bed. “You have me.” His wide shoulders keep my legs parted as he spreads me wide open with his thumbs. “Goddamn, darlin’,” is the last thing I hear before his lips descend upon me. He feasts like a starving man, licking and sucking and slurping at my pussy until I’m squirming and shaking and panting.

“Please, please, please,” I wantonly beg as I grind myself against his face, not caring one bit that I’m probably suffocating him. He doubles down on his ministrations and before I know it, my thighs are clamped around his head in a vice grip as I scream his name loud enough for every damn person on our floor to hear.



I give Myla Rose time to come down from her orgasmic high before kissing my way up her sweat-slicked body. “You’re so damn beautiful,” I tell her before capturing her lips with mine. I kiss her and explore her body with eager hands, tweaking her nipples and teasing her opening until she’s dripping wet, shifting her hips, and trembling beneath my touch.

“Cash,” she warns.

“I’ve got you darlin’.” I line my rock-hard cock up with her entrance. “Always have.” I gently push forward, sliding into my wife for the first time since our son was born. She’s every bit as warm and tight as before, yet as I slowly rock into her, it’s better than ever.

A strangled moan slips past her kiss-swollen lips when I’m fully seated inside of her. “Always will.”

She twines her arms around my neck and her fingers curl into the hair at my nape. “I love you Cash Carson.”

I set to work in earnest, pumping in and out of her, bringing her to brink of pleasure again and again until she’s writhing and pleading for me to make her come.

“I love you too.” I skim my lips up her neck to her jaw. “I love seeing you like this, laid bare and begging for me. I love knowing you gave me our son. Makes me wanna see you all round and swollen again with another one.”

Myla Rose shudders out a laugh, seeking my lips with hers. “Slow down now. We just had one.”

I break away from her kiss, keeping my thrusts small and steady. “I know, but damn darlin’, you just get me so hot.”

She looks up at me with those big brown eyes of hers, eyes that with one look can have me doing nearly anything she asks. “Please fuck me, Cash; save the pillow talk for after.”

I grin down at her, loving the rosy flush covering her body. “Tell me one thing first and then I’ll give you what you want.” She runs the back of her hand over the scruff of my jaw and nods. “You want another baby?”

Without pause she replies, “One day, yes, absolutely.”

“Hell yes. Wrap your legs around me,” I growl out, picking up my pace. I relentlessly pound into her as she rocks up to meets me. With every retreat, she greedily chases me with a tilt of her hips.

“Harder,” she whimpers and I swear I’m caught halfway between paradise and perdition, pleasure and pain. I hitch her right leg up higher as my thrusts turn almost punishing. “y-yes, right there,” she moans out as she tightens around me.

I kiss and suck at her jaw. “You close?” My tone is feral and full of need.

She nods, pleasure robbing her speech. Thank fuck because that tell-tale tingling at the base of my spine tells me I’m close, but my girl always finishes first.

I press my thumb into her clit, working it in time with our rapid breaths. “Oh-oh-oh my god,” Myla wails as she falls apart beneath me, her pussy clamping down around me so tightly I can barely move.

The bite of her nails digging into my shoulders is the push I need; a burst of white steals my vision as I spill into my wife. Wave after wave of pleasure crashes into me as she milks me for all I’m worth, until finally I slump down onto her, propping myself up on my elbow at the last moment.

“Damn, darlin’,” I murmur against her smiling lips.

“Damn indeed,” she replies, her voice and pupils blown with euphoria.

“The night’s just begun,” is all I manage to get out before she’s on me begging for another round.  

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